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The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of any company must keep the core business of the company running while simultaneously identifying and investing in new opportunities in order for the business to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing business environment. Business Solutions Group, LLC was built on this simple yet fundamental premise.


A year of retrospect and a lot to be grateful for as we have kept safe. I do send my condolences to all the families that endured the lost of a loved one. During the first few months of the Pandemic, I knew I had to do something. I knew that keeping safe in lockdown meant that many small businesses and individuals were going to hurt financially. After participating in various webinars, webcast, and reading the briefs on all the assistance available to my community I started informing and executing applications that resulted in successful outcomes for over 30 applicants. My reward as a catalyst was providing people with piece of mind during unprecedented times.
Nilsa Santiago, CPA, MBA
Founder Business Solutions Group, LLC

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch Business Solutions Group, LLC provides accounting services, financial analysis and CFO virtual services to small and medium enterprises. Simply put, we work with you to guarantee that your business does not fall among the 66% that fail due to unsuccessful marketing initiatives, retention of an inadequate management team and lack of capital. If you are interested in learning more about our services, we can schedule a meeting in the next week or two at your office to give you a live demonstration of how we can help your business grow, stay cost-effective and remain sustainable. Let us know if stopping by at your office works for you.

What Our Customers Say About Us Transparente
I love working with Business Solutions Group and their founder. Nilsa Santiago, CPA, she cares for my company and for my own well-being. Always reminding me of the big pictures, Goals, Vision, Purpose = Legacy.
Nilsa is an extraordinary human being and professional. During the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19 she called me to help me with the PPP application and other stimulus packages. She would not accept payment. I quote her words, “It's my passion to help small businesses and their owners survive this unprecedented situation” “This is my way of helping and providing you with some peace of mind”.
Raul Gomez
Logo Ray (1)
My firm has been operating for over 51 years, I am second generation owner. Nilsa has provided our firm an opportunity to embrace what the power of finance and accounting means in a business and personal setting. She has a clear vision as to what is needed for the firm and the partners. She brings in topics about expansion, personal financial planning and how the external environment can affect future goals. She believes strongly in creating a vision for long-term Legacy , financial freedom and business strategy.
Pedro Ray, PE
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With her leadership role she served as Club Treasurer and exceeded expectations. She guided club to be the first to renew club memberships. This is huge as Clubs gain prestige for delivering performance and reaching milestones.
Puerto Rico Toastmasters
My wife and I enjoy working with Nilsa, she always adds value. She is well informed and provides guidance to enhance our business model. Besides all the accounting and finance consulting she invites us to explore personal financial planning that she advocates is as important as our business. Nilsa thought us that it's all related and long-term planning is a game changer.
President Zellius Telecommunications

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